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Son Marley who sometimes has to paint while Mommy is painting
I have a focused commitment to this blog and really have a lot of great ideas to share with whom ever may read this and get a value, share an interest, or explore - to expand more here.  Develop more posts, explore, and share a little bit here.  Maybe put in a few loony stories of my life as a Mom, Artist, and freelance Designer working from home.  Or life as a part of an artists community.

Feedback is crucial and I love hearing from you.  So if you have any ideas, questions, feel free to shoot me a line.

Right now, I am doing a few things:

  • Taking care of my terrible two's, extra talkative sweetheart of a son Marley
  • Co-planner of our first resident artists group show in over two years (excited!) 
  • Painting like a Mad Hatter small new works exclusively for new Etsy shop
  • Framing my artwork for our group show "Love Thy Neighbor" opening this Saturday.
  • Reading and learning how to set up my Etsy the right way
  • A couple of design projects
  • Slowly refocusing and optimizing some of my personal sites
  • Planning and developing some ideas and direction for this blog
  • Cooking a few times a week a nice meal for me and my family
  • Figuring out how to fit in some met time
Its always seems to be not enough hours in the day.

Things to come:

  • Features- by fellow local artists, people who's work I admire, interesting stories, entreprenuers, and work from home Moms.
  • New artwork
  • History - some stories or inspirations behind some of my work
  • Past and current events
  • Art
  • Photography 
  • Design
  • Some note worthy client work and some horror stories (names omitted of course ;-)

In general just continuing to share.  This is a personal blog so keep that in mind if I tend to be a bit all over the place :-).  but I also want to hear from you.

So stay tuned and connect!

New Painting: "Phone Home" - alien art on Etsy


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