Love Thy Neighbor

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Last weekend was great!  This month is jam packed with things to do and prepare for.  I'm currently a resident artists in a very unique and small art community with our own three level gallery.  This month is our first resident only group show in over two year.  Since 2008 members have been taking on month to curate, collaborate, and produce shows.  Every third Saturday of the month we have a new show opening up.  The beauty and the pain of it is that each artist who chooses (from the prior year via a voting system) a month must come up with the concept for the event, what type of event, opening nights, workshops, as well as build promotional materials and printed marketing materials for that show as well.  It has given me the great opportunity to collaborate with not only other resident artists, but as well as other local artists.  For a listing of some of my exhibits as well as curated shows, click here.  This is also the centennial of my historic neighborhood of which I'm a bored member so there are events being planned there as well.

Our community has a few groups of volunteers for events, artists reviews, etc.  Its all resident artists run so  we work and learn through trial and error how to work together or not, and just build.  Thus far, its been an interesting ride, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Last year we have had over 45 events, workshops, art exhibits, screenings, and life drawings classes as well as food drives and fundraisers for both local and international non-profit groups.

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Love Thy Neighbor is the group show that consists of 28 of the Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts resident visual and performing artists.  Three major chances to see the exhibit with an opening night, afternoon opening, and a closing.  There is also a food drived to collect canned and boxed goods to be donated to LifeNet4Families with a raffle for small works of art donated by a few of the resident artist.

Love Thy Neighbor in local Arts blog Arterpillar

Opening night went great, it was such great energy!   We had about three separate raffles opening night for visitors bringing three items or more.  Music by hubby DJ Onestar.

A LifeNet4Life volunteer at the drop of table.
Then Thursday Feb 23, three neighboring associations had a District 4 City Commissioner Candidate's Debate and had the reception at our gallery afterwards.  So it was a great opportunity for some of the locals areas to view the art as well as a light social with neighbors and some really good carrot cake.  

District 4 City Commissioner Candidates Romney Rogers and Jacquelyn at 1310 Gallery
 with Sailboat Bend, Riverside Park, Tarpon River presidents, artwork: Claudia Polzer
Sounds On the Bend
If you are local there are only two more chances to see the eclectic collection of art and installation.  Sunday Feb 26 1pm-4pm during the Sounds on the Bend free music concert, which is happening along with a SBCA Walking Tour.

So lots lots going on.  Join us!  

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