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September 11 2011, on a day where Americas has taken several ways to remember and pay homage to all the lives lost 10 years ago, a fellow resident artists of Sailboat Bend Artists Community - Nzingah Oniwosan - held a workshop for artists in the tri-county area (West Palm, Broward, and Dade) to paint Converse shoes for Sole Plus.

Sole Plus is a non-profit organization that provides shoes for those in need as well as raise money, provide workshops, awareness, and focus on art as a tool for social activism. They hold contests for various groups and has a strong basis in philanthropy.

Each participant artist was given a pair of Converse sneakers to decorate. These sneakers will be in a silent auction next month and 50% will go to Sole Plus for future workshops, homeless shoe donations, youth design workshops ,and more in the South Florida. The minimum bid will be $50. If you have any questions email Nzingah Oniwosan at or call 561-880-7700.

Above photo curtesy Sankofa's Child, Inc Facebook

Sharing some images of production and final product. Stay tuned for auction date if interested in snagging these one of a kind art creations. Art for a great cause!

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