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So I am finally taking the Etsy plunge and see if I can navigate my way through things, learn about the different communities, and how to successfully connect with new people as well as exposing some of my art to new audience. Click here to view the shop.

Etsy, like so many other social media sites have its own culture, groups, ways to do things, how to connect, and gain exposure. I signed up back in 2008 but it wasn't until recently that I tried to set up my shop and just do it. Thanks to a friendly neighbor in my art community, I was on the receiving end for advice on setting up my shop and navigating the waters. Since I do graphic/web design I'm usually on the giving end of setting up a client, fellow artists, or friends website, social media, and the likes- its was a nice change of position.

So far, I have connected with some of the teams on there, added to circles, and treasury lists, and favorites and reciprocating, while watching yet another tutorial, I still feel I'm not where I need to be in so far as what I want to list there, good price points, and how to market it- so if you are a veteran Etsy shop owner PLEASE shoot me an email and spare me some tips.

One of the more active teams I am a member of is "Etsy Artists of Color". They have a blog, facebook, and twitter- and some really great talented and helpful team members. Through this team, I became a 3 day feature on another team members blog "One Brown Crafter" as well as listed in a couple of treasuries. This groups is not only a team but also gives a lot of nice resources for fellow members- so check out some of their links.

As I close for the 'night' - its 3am and my little one is still bright eyed and bushy tailed, I'm still optimistic about Etsy and look forward to my first sale. I heard there was a lady on Oprah that made a million dollars through Etsy, don't know how true that is- but if that is my destiny... BRING IT!

(if you are on Etsy- please connect with me, if you have tips to share- shot me an email or comment)


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