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I am really trying to get in and organize my blogs, websites, work, and life in general. I have a few blogs, but haven't really been consistent with updating. Sometimes I get so caught up in try trying to make everything so perfect - I keep saying as a designer I should have this 'tricked out' blog with all the bells and whistles, and when I do, then i will get on the ball with putting updates. However life isn't like that, we are all on a journey of learning and growing. So I think I am just going to give myself a break, and start to update. There are so many things I would love to hare, mean to share, mean to posts, and I haven't been.

So... Bear with me as I get this up and running. In the mix of being a new mommy to my 16 month old, to hustling and trying to find new and better clients for freelance work, developing my art work, dealing with not having a car (since i crashed my old car in April), working on a new collaboration with a small group of creatives on some online freelance bids, working on too many 'pro-bono' projects I care to admit to, and what seems like endless volunteering hours to either my art community, events, and websites, and interesting people, to my neighborhood association groups, being the self proclaimed 'go to ' person/information junkie, and dealing with life ever surmounting bills, and stresses- I am just going to make a point at least once a week, to back track and add little tid bits of things I have done, or I am into, or share interesting projects and stories.

If you are a 'blogger' or someone who wants to volunteer or barter some time to help me get one or some of my blogs organizes, branded and up to snuff- send me a message...


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