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Okay, its been a minute, no that is an understatement, its been about a year since I posted this as my blog, and I have been really bad at keeping up. I am going to make a 'loose promise' to get back into what I intended to be updates about me, my work, art, etc, etc. I just realized I have 2 blogs, the other one is on WordPress about, if you care to check out. I am also on facebook (look me up with my email : nikilopez@gmail.com) and on Twitter.
With that being said, let me just share some of the things I am struggling/juggling with so that you may empathize with me at least:

-I have been a full time freelancer ONLY for the past 2 years

-I graduated with my A.S. in graphic design, but continued onto the B.S. and set to graduate (if all goes well) this September (2009)

-I just recently had a baby (healthy baby boy)

-I am taking 2 online classes and one in school while maintaining a nursing new born

-I have my first art show to put together this August

-Trying to build back up my freelance gigs (right now i am working on a flyer, a website, a bookcover, and a t-shirt design) inbetween baby nap times

-I have to start getting my work ready and do some more painting for my August show

-I maintain the website for the artists community of which i am BLESSED to be a part of Sailboat Bend Artists Community .

-I am trying to FULLY break away from those clients/friend/family/VAMPIRES that always want something for nothing, hook up art work, the 'I know so many people', etc; and get real clients who respect and appreciate the service and creativity they are getting.

-Trying to make ends meet and survive this economy.

So these are just a few of the things I am dealing with. I do intend to back track and post some news, work, accolades, etc. So bear with me while I catch up.

I have made the first step, feel free to continue for the ride!

One love

Niki Lopez


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