Creative Circle Tuesdays - Artists Interviews

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Living within an artist community since 2008 as well as participating in the local art scene, I have crossed paths with so many creative people.  Some I have collaborated with, exhibited with, had their  work in some of my previous art exhibits, or just simple appreciate their work..  Utilizing my blog as a platform, I will be sharing their art as well as some questions to get to know the artist.  Often times in exhibits,  people will come to view the work, but seldom do they get the opportunity to meet the artist, find out meaning behind their work, as well as the ability to connect to the artist.  I am hoping to change that, one artist at a time.

Introducing: "Creative Circle Tuesdays" A series of artists interviews to be postedTuesday starting with the artists from the current exhibit L’éléphant dans la Salle (the elephant in the room) Art Exhibit. A month long art exhibit created by Niki Lopez & Alana DaCosta at the 1310 Gallery, where each artist took on issues and topics that are normally hidden from public view.  Using visual & performing arts as a medium.  

Have suggestions for interview questions?  Want to recommend a visual or performing artist to be interviewed? Send me a message here.


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