Creative Circle Tuesdays: Alana DaCosta

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Alana DaCosta at A Swing Thing - The Social Lubricant Photo Credit: Alessandro Abate

Name: Alana DaCosta

What is your medium(s): Music, Poetry, Multi-disciplinary

What type of art do you do? Experiential World Music

What inspires you? LIFE, all the experiences in life influence my creative outlets. Oftentimes, forcing me to step out of my comfort zone and simply create without bounds and without regret. All is Divine Order and

What pieces did you include in the exhibit "L’éléphant dans la Salle" and why? (please share some of the story behind some of the work) One day while throwing out the trash, I found a large and heavy table top . I had to have it. Not knowing that it would become my first painting “Lady Blues”  a depiction of the labels that are often branded on women and internalized. Yet, this lady chooses to expose all these labels and not allow them to define who she is. She realizes that she is beyond what she sees, hears and speaks....She goes within and sees her freedom and is no longer defined by limited standards of society...
Lady Blues by Alana DaCosta
Alana DaCosta performing & co-host at L’éléphant dans la Salle art exhibit at the 1310 Gallery
Self taught or traditionally trained? Traditionally trained in  music and voice. Self taught visual artist

Share one thing that has impacted your work? In 2007 my father passed away. This was a major life-changing event for me. After his passing, it was like my creative flood gates opened and my music, sketches and poems changed drastically. I began to create and explore whatever my heart desired with no apologies and no regret. I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and became a creative rebel. Now, if I have the desire to create something be it a song, poem, drawing, dance, etc., , I just do it, unapologetically.

Cant view the link?  Click here:

Name one thing we may not know about you or your work? This was my first “official” painting.  I have always loved to find discarded objects that are no longer wanted and change them into something beautiful. However, because I have no training in visual arts and I would never share any of these works or any of my sketches because I was afraid of rejection. Also, I have always been very selective with what music or poems I share. During this exhibit, I decided to let the “vibes” and energy of the attendees to determine what songs and poems I shared. As a result I shared “VICTIM”, “QuickSwitch” and other pieces that I rarely share with others.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? That people can live life freely and responsibly in their truth.

If you had access to a time machine, where would you go? I would go to a time when we never needed a time machine to travel through time. A time when we as a collective understood who we truly are and our place in the universe

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring creative, what would it be? Do not allow fear or doubt to stifle your potential...

If you could have one super power, what would it be? To fly....

Social Media drug of choice? At this time, Facebook....

Side note from Niki Art Studio: Not only is Alana DaCosta a talented artist, I have had the pleasure of working with her on numerous projects and collaborations.   From photographing and designing her album cover to co-producing a couple of art exhibits at the Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts aka 1310 Gallery.   Besides being the co-producer and host for the L’éléphant dans la Salle art exhibit, Dacosta is also the co-creator of the movement #WhatsYourElephant - A human experience project using the arts to create provocative conversations around the unspoken.  To find out more about that project, click here.


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