Miami Won!

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Yes, kudos to the Miami Heat Team!  I know everyone is celebrating right now, the streets are pact, and the Facebook posts are starting to pour in.  I'm riding the tide as well.  I was trying to figure out a tittle post, and trying to jump back into work, but felt, if I don't get this out of my head soon, its just adding to the clutter.  Going through so many changes right about now, I feel like could explode, but they are good changes.

There are alot of things going on for me right now, and its been such a while since I last posted, just had to make time.  My little man Marley is all grown up.  At the ripe old age of three, he started daycare.  Its was way past time, for him, and for me.  I'm looking forward to him being around children his age, and gaining some independence, and I get some more time to structure myself to have more of a focus on my freelance business, my artwork, and expanding, defining, and refining my brand.  Moving forward to a next level.  I'm excited, overwhelmed, and itching with anticipation and bubbling with ideas.
My little man and sidekick Marley
To add to it all, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in our local county's Cultural Divisdion's The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (highly recommended- information OVERLOAD) , and Jessica Kizorek's Personal Branding Institute... did I mention my show art show is next month?  (if you are local- there is a call to artists on Facebook or my Website)

For as many things that are great, there are obstacles as well, but I am optimistic.  There is no time like right now, and right now I'm feeling the universe align, things that has been written in my sketchbook (some over three years ago) finally coming to fruition.  Even most of the design clients I'm working with now, all have been projects I just love to do, free to create, and synergy and connection.

Below are a few projects I've been working on.  Though I do corporate design contracts, I love working with indie artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and groups, so please feel free to click on the images, and check out the links.  When ever you can, support local business, independent artists, and entrepreneurs.  As a good friend Renda would say in Wemerge-

"Support the scene or there will be no scene to support"

South Florida photographer Tabatha Mudra's promo card design by Niki Lopez
Photographer Tabatha Mudra's promo card
Mr. Rigz "Clay And Concrete" CD cover design- listen to album here
Logo Design for Raw Fusion Catering
To see more design work check my website or facebook.

As for the art side of things, I am working on a 'new' piece.  Something that has been in my sketchbook at least 4 years, but in my imagination and thoughts even longer.  Just finished up a art teacher residency through the VSA and it was such a wonderful experience.  I thought I was doing something by giving them a small art gift, and they surprised me with a hand made card from all the students.  At some point I will post some pictures either here or my Facebook art page.  I'm planning a artshow next month with a new art community member and fashion designer for Circa 24.  There will be a great mix of art, aliens, and workshops with a few special treats for the opening night.  My cousin, Profound Breath will be joining me so this opening will be extra special for me, as well as a special performance by the talented Dana DellaCamera

A Collection of Moments: The Profound Breadth EPK

Well back to work for me.  I'm committed to getting some sleep before 4am today.

Sharing one of my favorite songs that seems to resonate with me at this point in time:

David Bowie Changes - (love this song)


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