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Its that time of the year again. As a resident member of Art Space's Sailboat bend Art Community, I take part when I can in producing a show. Since inception of our 'every third Saturday of the month is a new show' in 2008, we have had a different residents take turn putting together a art show/event. It not only gives us chance to explore and learn through trial and error, curatorial and production skills, but also giving us a chance to give our own take of what we envision the gallery to be. Through out the year, I participate in many local art shows, exhibits, live art- but these are self produced and so there is so much more involved. I have to admit though my other shows "Color, Lines & Soul" and "Space, Art + Love" was well attended, I am always a bit nervous on the outcome of the next show.

Last shows I teamed up with a few great local artists, as well as supporter of the art groups like WeMerge Magazine, South Florida Artists Association, Bailes Ferrer's 'Flamenco in the Sun", workshops, as well as food collection drive for The Renmen Foundation.

Into the Rabbit Hole
Opens Saturday, July 17 2011

This year, I am teaming up with fellow Art Institute Alumni and Director for Colabo Fingers- Luzalma Gonzalez. So far we have a line up of more than 19 local artists for a month long show. it opens up Saturday, July 19 at 7pm. Opening night will have live music, dance, singers, refreshments, hemp jewelry, as well as prints and other artistic finds. There will also be a few events during the month like a free drum workshop, networking social, and a closing. For more on the event and line up:

check out my website:

or facebook event:

While on facebook, please check out my new page...
its my attempt to putting all of my artwork and art related endeavors on one page, so I can eventually reclaim my facebook for more personal space and less 'self advertising' :-) Feedback is always welcomed.


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